"They are Very Good People"

May 17, 2020

When I walk into the courthouse / public building in the area that I live there are three armed offices and metal detectors to make sure you are not coming in with a firearm. Over the years there have been attacks on the White House where mentally deranged or people with a strong agenda want to get their point across by either waving a weapon or shooting one. Within minutes the Secret Service attack the assailant to subdue them.

So why in Michigan is it tolerated that a room full of heavily armed angry 'citizens' wearing bullet proof vests carrying automatic weapons can storm the Michigan State House and no one is paying the price for this? Not only that but the President of the United States actually supports this and calls them "very good people".

If these same people would have come into the White House the President would be hiding underneath his bed. Secret Service would have began shooting long before they reached the front door. If anyone showed up even at a Post Office with a fake hand gun they would be arrested.

God Bless America.... before it falls. This country is in serious trouble with Trump at the helm. The GOP doesn't realize yet and sold their soul to the devil to get their agenda done. In reality Trump has bankrupted this country with low taxes and easy money policy. Everything he has done is all an illusion built of a house of cards ready to fall. The Democrats are no better wanting to give it all away, but at least they don't support gun toting thugs!

When Trump loses the election in November he will contest the election and garner up support from these type of thugs to try to keep him in office. This is the same bone spurred coward who wouldn't serve in the military, but actually is now the leader of our military. His ego is too big to lose and he won't walk away quietly.

I am not saying that I am a support of Joe Biden. I too think he has Dementia.

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